• About Abbey

    Abbey was born to be an artist. Encouraged from a young age, she got an early start to art foundation in elementary school and continued through high school. After receiving her architecture degree, she went on to work in the graphic design field. Her art career began after she rediscovered her passion through live painting. From 2012-2000 Abbey painted at over 80 events and concerts as she explored the acrylic paint medium. She began her formal art training at the Milan Art Institute in 2021 where she began to work with oil paints and found her voice.

    Abbey works with bold abstract inks and mixed media to begin her paintings. Each piece is finished with large geometric shapes juxtaposed against cloudy atmospheric perspectives. Her use of light, color, and shapes creates a kaleidoscopic dreamy landscape, that viewers can be transported into their own dream work where anything is possible.

    Abbey currently works in her studio in the picturesque Blue Valley Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. Having lived the previous decade in Chicago, the slow natural life contrasted with the bold bright restlessness of the city, plays a role in the patterns of contrast in her art. She in constantly inspired by the power of nature, and uses that inspiration to find power in herself. She is currently working on a new series of large-scale mixed media paintings